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Pawel Gancarzewicz

My name is Pawel,


I am Physical Education Teacher graduated in Physical Education and Sport Science with Specialization in Windsurfing and I have run Tarifa Windsurfing Classes  school since 2001, when I came to Tarifa.


I am also a passionate traveller who has a great love for the SEA, the WIND and the MOUNTAINS, though my very big passion are dogs.


For me, a vital aspect of teaching is the possibility it gives me to transmit values through the sport, which helps to develop abilities and attitudes which help people work in groups and individually, and also promotes a responsible and conscious attitude at the same time that it encourages your self-esteem. And the most important thing it to show students the beauty of Nature, how to be a part of it and how to take care of it.


Being a teacher enabled me to meet many interesting people, visit fascinating places and learn new languages.


My School

After graduating I decided to come to Tarifa to look for adventure and, above all, to fulfil my dream of running a windsurfing school.


I have run my own Tarifa Windsurfing Classes school in Tarifa for seventeen years now.


During this time I have taught thousands of satisfied people.


My school is dedicated to all for whom Windsurfing with all its richness has become a Passion, joy and way of live


Particularly designed for those people who are only taking their first steps in this great adventure, it also caters for those whose first steps and achievements have faded over time, and those who want to nail a particular maneuvre and need assistance to fully understand it.


And also to all those who, despite everyday duties, spend their free time windsurfing to feel Happy and truly Free.


My experience

I have been a Professional Windsurfing teacher on recreational level in Tarifa for 17 years. During the winter I teach Skiing and Snowboarding.


Our windsurfing courses run from beginners to expert levels, though I specialize in classes for children, teenagers and beginners. I also devote myself to teaching disabled people with different levels of disability.


My education

I hold a Masters Degree in Physical Education and Sport Science from the University of Physical Education in Cracow, Poland with specialization in Windsurfing Teacher.


Furthermore, I studied a Master in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences Psychology in University of Sevilla, Spain.


I am also a Skiing, Snowboarding and Swimming teacher, and I hold the certification of Yachtsman and Lifeguard.


Being a teacher is my passion. Throughout these years I have met tons of interesting people, visited fascinating places and learned new languages. It has significantly shaped my personality and the way I perceive the reality around me.


I am an open and communicative person who has good interpersonal skills, which is handy when teaching people doing the lessons.



Pawel Gancarzewicz